Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Refurb Huddersfield FAQ

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Refurb Huddersfield FAQ

For your convenience, frequently asked questions are answered right here.

1. “What process do you use to refurbish alloy wheels?”

In 99.9% of cases we fully refurbish the wheels with the tyres off, though we can if you wish do a cosmetic “touch up” job.

2. “Will my wheels look as good as new?”

If you were to closely compare a wheel that we have refurbished to a brand new wheel, you may be able to see a difference. Otherwise to all intents and purposes your wheels will look as good as new.

3. “Can you refurbish any make of wheel?”

Almost certainly, although there are so many manufacturers that there are bound to be some makes that we haven’t yet refurbished. If your wheels are unusual in any way, send us a photograph and details and we’ll let you know.

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